February Spice Club – Turmeric

Spice Club decorative cover photo.

Try something new! Our featured spice for the month of February is Turmeric. You’re welcome to pick up a Spice Club kit beginning Thursday February 1st at 10am. The kit will contain:

  • a sample of the spice
  • recipe cards
  • history of the spice
  • a list of cookbooks you can check out from the library

Spice Club kits go fast! Unable to make it in time to grab one of your own? Try out a recipe! The three recipes included in the kit are linked below.

Turmeric Quick Facts

  • Turmeric is native to southern India and Indonesia
  • It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the ginger family
  • The underground stems have been used from ancient times as a condiment, a textile dye, medically as an aromatic stimulant, a perfume, and as a spice
  • The rhizome (underground stem) has a pepper-like aroma and a somewhat bitter warm taste and has a strong staining orange-yellow color (it flavors and colors mustards and is used in curry powders!)
  • In parts of Asia, turmeric water is used as a cosmetic to lend a golden glow to the complexion
  • Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is sometimes consumed as a tea or in a pill for arthritis and intestinal problems
  • The turmeric plants reach about 3.3 feet in height and have long, simple leaves

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Questions about Spice Club? Contact Ashley at 315-785-7714 or send her an email.