July Spice Club – Dry Mustard

Spice Club decorative cover photo.

Try something new! Our featured spice for the month of July is Dry Mustard. You’re welcome to pick up a Spice Club kit beginning Monday July 1st at 9am. The kit will contain:

  • a sample of the spice
  • recipe cards
  • history of the spice
  • a list of cookbooks you can check out from the library

Spice Club kits go fast! Unable to make it in time to grab one of your own? Try out a recipe! The recipes included in the kit are linked below.

Dry Mustard Quick Facts

  • Mustard comes from the pungent seeds of either of the two main herbs to the family Brassicaceae: white or yellow of Mediterranean origin, and brown of Himalayan origin
  • The use of mustard seeds as spices is described in Indian and Sumerian texts dating as far back as 3000 BCE, and are mentioned frequently in Greek and Roman writings as well as in the Bible (the tiny mustard seed is seen as a symbol of faith in the New Testament)
  • Ancient physicians such as Hippocrates used the mustard seed medicinally
  • During the 20th century, mustard was the largest spice by volume in the world trade
  • “Mustard is unusual among spices in that it is grown in the temperate regions of the world, principally on the Canadian and US Great Plains, in Hungary and in Britain” and crop production is typically fully mechanized
  • Mustard seeds, regardless of white or brown color, are almost globular in shape, odorless when whole, and pungent-tasting
  • As a condiment, mustard comes in three forms: seeds, dry powder, and as paste

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