Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse fans - a quick reminder that we will have a limited supply of glasses available starting at 9am on Monday, 8/21. Glasses will be given out on a first come, first serve basis, limit 1 pair per person over 5 years old.

NEW Early Learning Toys

Hello all! Thanks to a generous grant from the North Country Library System, we were able to purchase some much-needed toys for our Children's Room! New toys include a mail box for letter writing, a magnetic board for learning about gears (which take it from me - those little things are addicting to play with!), and an awesome market play set. Our goal is to help library parents engage with their children in a way that supports early reading skills. Stop by and see our new selections soon!

- Ms. Ashley -

Volunteers Needed!

Hello all - if anyone is available (and not corraling kids that day :) ) we'd love your help at our Final Party for children! The event will be held on August 17th. Application details are in the picture. Thanks! -Ms. Ashley


Battle of the Books Results

Congratulations to all of our Battle of the Books 2017 participants! Your hard work continues to astound us, and we were so impressed with the sportsmanship displayed by the students involved this year. It doesn't go unnoticed!

Alright, now for our winners (drum roll please!):

Construction Update!

One month into construction and much has been accomplished! The asbestos abatement is complete, the lights, ceiling grids and tiles have been removed. The temporary wall has been erected on the main floor. The old heat pumps have been removed and new ductwork is being installed.

In spite of the construction, the library is still open!


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