America's Symbols and Signs with the Smithsonian

Join us for an exciting virtual trip to the Smithsonian! Experts will lead us through various discussions as we learn about some of America's greatest symbols.

All ages are welcome to attend this free event! Adults, you are welcome too. :)

For their safety, children ages 10 and under are not allowed to be alone at the library. The event will be held in our Story Time Room to ensure that younger children can play in the space next door.

Children's Summer Reading Survey

Flower Library's Summer Reading Program for children ages 11 and under ends on August 11th, but that doesn't mean our summer is completely over--we still need your help! By submitting your thoughts about our reading program and events, you'll help us shape the summer of 2017.

Copies of the survey are available at the Children's Desk. You can submit them there anytime!

Tween Survey

We're making some changes and we need your help! Are you a tween (ages 10-13) or caregiver of a tween? Let us know what you'd like to see the library provide for you!

Take the survey online here, or fill one out in the library.

2016 Battle of the Books Winners

Our library is proud to announce that the winners of our local Battle of the Books 2016 competition are the Nerds! This was a bittersweet victory as this was the last year that the returning champs were eligible to compete.

I'd also like to thank all of our participants and their families--I was blown away not only by how well you knew the books, but with how well you treated one another by being great sports. I walked away this year excited about leading you and already looking forward to the next year. My teams are rock stars!


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