The library has a variety of newspaper resources that are available for use by the general public. Our digital and print subscriptions cover both the local area as well as the nation as a whole; some are also accessible via microfilm.

Local Newspaper - Watertown Daily Times

Looking for articles from 1870 – 1922? Visit the NYS Historic Newspapers collection. This website:

  • is accessible from anywhere
  • does not require a library card for use
  • covers more than just the Watertown Daily Times. Visit the homepage for more searching.
  • displays articles as if they were in the original newspaper layout
  • to download pdf copies of articles: log into your NYS Historic Newspapers account
Photo of a microfilm machine.

Articles from 1870 – 2018 are available via microfilm and a reader with a computer. This equipment:

  • requires staff to access and assist community members with use
  • does not require a library card for access
  • is only available in the library

Keep in mind that we do not have an easily searchable full index for all of these years, particularly the stretch from 1922 – 1988. Instead, we have a basic index searchable via the Watertown Daily Times website.

Articles from 1988 – present are available through an online subscription! These articles:

  • are accessible from anywhere
  • require a library card to access
  • display in multiple formats. Should you choose the 2018-current selection, the format will display as if you are reading the original newspaper. However if you choose the 1988-current option, you will only see the plain text of the article without any pictures.

Other Available Microfilm

In addition to the Watertown Daily Times, the library’s microfilm collection includes:

  • Census, Clinton, Franklin, Herkimer, and Montgomery Counties: Federal 1800 – 1910 (range not available for all counties) and State 1875, 1905 (Franklin County only)
  • Census, Jefferson County: Federal 1810 – 1930 (1890 unavailable) and State 1855 – 1875
  • Census, Lewis County: Federal 1820 – 1910 and State 1855, 1865, 1905
  • Census, Oneida and Onondaga Counties: Federal 1800 – 1910 (range not available for all counties)
  • Census, Oswego County: Federal 1850 – 1920
  • Census, St. Lawrence County: Federal 1810 – 1920 and State 1865
  • Census, Connecticut Maine and Mississippi: Federal 1850 – 1900 (range not available for all states)
  • Census, Canada: 1851 – 1901 (range not available for all provinces)
  • New York Daily Reformer: 1850 – 1869
  • New York Folklore Quarterly: 1945 – 1975
  • New York History: 1950 – 1987
  • New York Times: 1851 – 2004
  • Watertown Herald: 1886 – 1918

Other Newspapers Online

Below is a list of other newspapers available anywhere you have an internet connection. None require a library card for use.

Fulton History, while hit or miss in terms of the newspapers and time periods it covers, is helpful in filling in your research gaps.

The New York Times database, offered via the NovelNY website, covers content from 1985 – present and is only available within New York State. Be sure to scroll to the bottom left of the page to find the correct NYT link.

NYS Historic Newspapers covers more than just the Watertown Daily Times – it covers the entire state of New York!

To download pdf copies of articles, log into your NYS Historic Newspapers account.

Daily Print Editions

Flower Library also subscribes to two printed versions of popular newspapers: the Watertown Daily Times and The Wall Street Journal. Printed copies are kept on hand for 1 to 3 months.

To access the Watertown Daily Times, exchange your library card for specific editions at the Circulation Desk. The Times is available for use inside the library only.

To access the Wall Street Journal, look for specific editions near the magazines in the basement. The Journal is available for use inside the library only.