May Spice Club – Cilantro

Spice Club decorative cover photo.

Try something new! Our featured spice for the month of May is Cilantro. You’re welcome to pick up a Spice Club kit beginning Wednesday May 1st at 9am. The kit will contain:

  • a sample of the spice
  • recipe cards
  • history of the spice
  • a list of cookbooks you can check out from the library

Spice Club kits go fast! Unable to make it in time to grab one of your own? Try out a recipe! The three recipes included in the kit are linked below.

Cilantro Quick Facts

  • Cilantro comes from the same plant species as coriander (coriandrum sativum).
  • In North America, cilantro refers to the leaves and stalks of the plant where as coriander refers to the dried seeds (the word cilantro is the Spanish name for coriander leaves).
  • The plant is native to the Mediterranean and Middle East regions but is used worldwide in food.
  • Cilantro is widely used in Latin American, Indian, and Chinese dishes.
  • Coriander specifically is used in sausages, curries, Scandinavian pastries, liqueurs, and confectionery.
  • Records of the use of coriander date back to 5000 BC where the Romans used it to flavor bread.
  • Today it is also used in medicine to mask bad tastes and smells of drugs.
  • The plant grows a slender, hollow stem that is about 1 to 2.5 inches high, has fragrant leaves, and the flowers are pink or whitish in color.

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Questions about Spice Club? Contact Ashley at 315-785-7714 or send her an email.