Stuck in the Middle


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All Stuck in the Middle events will be held in the Community Room unless otherwise specified.

Fall 2017 Events:

11/7 4pm-5pm: Rainbow Quote Canvases
11/13 3pm-5pm: Minecraft Mondays*
11/21 4pm-5pm: Gaming

Winter 2017/2018 Events:

12/5 4pm-5pm: Paint Chip Art
12/11 3pm-5pm: Minecraft Mondays*
12/19 4pm-5pm: Candy Cottages
1/2 4pm-5pm: Cocoa and Coloring
1/23 4pm-5pm: Paint and Pass
2/6 4pm-5pm: Gaming
2/12 3pm-5pm: Minecraft Mondays
2/20 2pm-3pm: Emoji Crafts
2/22 2pm-3pm: Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Escape

*Minecraft Mondays are for all ages. All other events listed are ages 10-13 only please!

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