Artwork at Flower Library

Library Rotunda:

Oculus and Dome

Bust of Roswell P. Flower



Rooms at the Library:

Marietta Holley Room

Old Watertown Room

Napoleon Room

South Reading Room

Community Room
(Former Children's Room)


North Reading Room


Artwork on the Main Level at Flower Library:

Statues by Oldefredi


The Tramp by Eastman Johnson



Mural of Roswell P. Flower by Naegele

Unconsciousness by Launt Thompson

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte

Portrait of Emma Flower Taylor

Pastoral Scene with Cows by Emil Van Marche

Portrait of Marietta Holley by Theodore Pine

Portrait of Ellen Rice by Charles Naegele

Yosemite by Thomas Hill

The Pines by Charles Warren Eaton

The Open Book by Elle Conde Lamb


Artwork on the Upper Level at Flower Library

A Holland Dame

Saw Mill Bay by Lemuel Lowell

Park in Paris by Alson Skinner Clark

Alpine Landscape by Franz Wilhelm Schiertz

Moonlight in June by Frank Knox Morton Rehn


Battle of Sacketts Harbor by H. Peabody Flagg

Battle of Lake Erie by H. Peabody Flagg

Murals by George Breck