Tweens: Life-size Sorry!

Life-size Sorry game board
On Tuesday, March 31st, we held the first of our Tween programs at Flower Library--Life-size Sorry. We consider tweens those who are ages 9 to 12. We've held these programs in the past, but not consistently throughout the year--our goal is to have at least 1 program for them a month, and 1 per week during our Summer Reading Program. There were rumblings from this age group a couple years ago that 'there was nothing for them' and that 'this was too babyish,' meaning they weren't finding a place where they belonged in our past program offerings. Now we're off and running with some ideas that make even our current teen and adult patrons envious!
We ran the game just like you would a regular board game and the program was a blast! We had so much fun that we're going to run a family Life-size Chutes and Ladders program this summer! We even joked about playing the game as a stress reliever during our next staff development day... :)