Walking Tour - Main Level

To enjoy this tour, start by exploring the main level. As you walk through the building, take note of where you are and click on any dots present for that space. Known information for any artwork will be included on the new page.

Be mindful of any meetings or events that may be happening, as well as any ropes indicating that you may not enter a space! Also, during specific times of the year, the front entrance is locked and not available for use because of safety reasons.

Walking Tour - Upper Level

Flower Library History

Our beautiful, historic library was called the “Most beautiful small library in the United States” when it was dedicated in 1904.

See our original library pamphlet

A pdf of the 1904 brochure created when the library first opened.

See our current library brochure

A pdf of the current library brochure.

View Photos of Our Gorgeous Space